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Pitch wood deciduous breeds

(TU 13-0281078-81-89)

WOOD PITCH - a viscous oily liquid from dark-brown to black colour with a pungent smell, received at wood pyrolysis. A difficult mix of organic substances.

It is used at reception of pitch wood saponated, reducer  viscosity, preparation binding in manufacture of active coals, putties for glass works, as wood preservative.

The basic products resin reworking in the first case are:

  • the Antioxidant
  • antipolymerization reactor
  • flotatsionnoe oil
  • the Pitch
  • phenols and their derivatives

From wood pitch receive also inhibitores oxidations fuels and oils.

The name of indicators


Result of the analysis

Density at 200 оС with, kg/m3

Within 1080-1160


Mass fraction of water, %

No more than 10,0


Mass fraction of the oils which are boiling away to 2400 оС with (without water), %

No more than 29


Mass fraction of the oils which are boiling away up to the end destillation, %

Not less than 22


Final temperature destillation , оС

Within 270-290


Mass fraction of water-soluble acids, %

No more than 8,0


Mass fraction всплывных oils, %

No more than 3,0



Pitch wood saponated

(TU 2453-013-10644738-00), (the liquid additive in concrete)

The additive – liquid pitch wood saponated(SDО), received by a way saponated wood pitch is developed and introduced by alkali in manufacture of all kinds of concrete air-entraining and plastisizing.

Additive SDО represents a liquid of dark brown colour 50-55 %-s' concentration, concerns substances low-hazard does not render poizonous action on an organism and irritating action on a skin and mucous, is not explosive, not fire-hazardous. The product is delivered to the consumer in railway tanks or metal flanks. The working solution of the additive prepares simple thinning the quantity of a concentrate measured on volume a settlement quantity of water with simultaneous hashing. Expense SDО is in limits of 0,1-0,25 % from the cement expense counting on an additive solid.

It is applied in quality:foaming ahent, plasticizing, air-entraining, the cold-resistant antiseptic additive.

For preparation of concrete of different function: foam concretes, polystyrene foam, cellular, hydraulic engineering, heavy, road, easy and others.

Application liquid SDО will allow the enterprises:

  • considerably to accelerate a preparation time of a working solution of the additive
  • to Lower on 100-150 kg/m3 concrete density
  • to Simplify the operative control over solution preparation
  • to Reduce the expense of porous sand, to lower water requirement of a mix, to improve deformation and termalphysic properties, to raise frost resistance of concrete
  • at the lowered maintenance of a small filler to receive a product with conjoint homogeneous structure, to Improve workability a concrete mix
  • to reduce duration of formation of products, to provide mix consolidation, to reduce its stratification at transportation and packing in forms

The name of indicators Norm Result of the analysis
The Mass fraction of solids, %, not less
Density of 10 % of a water solution at rate. 20 оС with, kg/m3, not less
Lathering ability, cm3, not less
Mass fraction of substances, insoluble in water, %, no more

Price of liquid additive SDО are considerable below cost of other additives of similar appointment.

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