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Board not edging

(GOST 26002-83)

Not Edging carving - carving with not sawn round or partially sawn round edges, with rough edge more admissible in edging carving.

Rough edge - a part of a lateral surface of the log, remained on edging carving.

Not Edging saw-timbers are used for manufacturing of floorings and platforms of a thick covering of walls, elements of bearing designs anddressed details.

Boards not edging pass strict quality assurance. All production is certificated and corresponds to GOST and THAT.

The Basic sizes:

  • a thickness of 20-80 mm
  • length of 3000-6000 mm

The board edging

(GOST 26002-83)

The Board edging is produced from a file of wood of coniferous breeds.

The board edging possesses the beautiful invoice of natural wood. It is used at any civil work.

The board edging is used for manufacture of furniture, furnish of premises, manufacturing of timber floors.

The basic sizes:

  • a thickness of 20-60 mm
  • width of 100-200 mm
  • length of 3000-6000 mm

The Bar assembly

(GOST 26002-83)

The Basic sizes:

  • a thickness of 20-50 mm
  • width of 30-100 mm
  • length of 2500-5000 mm

Laminated veneer lumber

(GOST 26002-83)

last years became very popular laminated veneer lumber which is deprived variety of the lacks inherent in building materials from a tree.

It is made basically from a fur-tree and a pine. In the beginning logs turn on power-saw benches to the thin boards named lamel, and long enough dry in special dryers. Thus moisture content in wood goes down to 10–12 % then lamellas are coated with glue and stick together under a press. And splicing it is made so that directions of wood fibres alternated. Then the exact sizes are given to a bar, and also grooves and ledges become.

As a result of all these operations the strong building material which does not change the form turns out and is not jarred on at humidity fluctuations. Houses from laminated veneer lumber are not blown, do not freeze through and are protected from influence of an atmospheric moisture. So, distinctive feature laminated veneer lumber from integral is that it does not change the geometrical form while in service as it is made of in regular intervals dried up raw materials. At the same time laminated veneer lumber remains a harmless material with good thermoregulation, that is keeps all advantages of integral wood. The laminated veneer lumber has big, in comparison with an integral bar, durability and rigidity, possesses smaller heat conductivity and weight. It not revel and practically is not subject shrink because in the course of manufacture laminated veneer lumber  from wood all natural defects leave: knots, pitch pockets etc.


Bar three-layer window

(GOST 8242-88)

Window laminated veneer lumber — a modern non-polluting material for manufacture of window blocks.

The window bar sticks together on a thickness from three preparations (lamellas) radial and semiradial saw cuts. The opposite direction of wooden fibres is mutual extinguishes pressure arising in a window bar and guarantees preservation of the set geometrical form throughout all term of operation. At appropriate leaving the windows executed from window laminated veneer lumber  are almost eternal.

The basic sizes:

  • a thickness 82, 72 mm
  • width of 86 mm
  • length 3000, 6000 mm

of Advantage laminated veneer lumber: stability of the sizes stronger design, than a tree file high quality of a surface ease in surface processing a window bar is not exposed buckling.

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