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The block house

(GOST 8242-88)

The Block house (a block house ) is decorative batten and is intended for internal and external furnish of buildings and premises.

The block house made of perfect wood of a pine, creates style and a cosiness of the rural house. It is simple and convenient at assemblage, is practical, durable and ecologically pure. For internal furnish of the house block house  does not demand additional processing.

The basic sizes:

  • a thickness of 27 mm
  • width of 90 mm
  • length of 4000,5000 mm

Euro linings

(GOST 8242-88

Euro linings is made of perfect wood, corticolous in Bashkiria which makes a wood-working complex on the German equipment, is a material for internal furnish of premises since the given kind euro linings meets the highest requirements of quality and satisfies the most refined tastes of buyers.

Highly skilled experts of our factory have achieved excellent quality of all kinds of let out saw-timbers and погонажа which is a face of the company.

The basic sizes:

  • a thickness of 12,5 mm
  • width of 88 mm
  • length of 1000-5000 mm

The floor board (shiplap)

(GOST 8242-88)

A shiplap massive board of a floor – an eurofloor - is made by shiplap of a perfect file of the pine prepared in Republic Bashkortostan. Having passed preliminary manual sorting, the material for manufacturing of a sexual board is dried up to humidity of 8-10 % in the chamber.

Ideally dressed, on the German equipment, the sexual board is definitively sorted and packed into a shrink-wrap. Delivery to trading warehouses is carried out in specially packed transport palettes that provides to products full safety.

The basic sizes:

  • a thickness 21, 27, 35, 45 mm
  • width of 90-140 mm
  • length 4000, 5000 mm

Bar imitation

(GOST 8242-88)

bar Imitation is a simple and economic decision for internal and external furnish of a cottage, house or a summer residence. Wooden строганая the board, shaped under a bar, is made of a perfect pine, on appearance reminds all known for euro linings, but after joining has no intermediate groove.

The wooden panels simulating a bar, are used for a covering of walls of houses and the cottages made of a brick and various blocks, and also from a round log or an ordinary bar. In difference euro linings, chock which it is possible also in the vertical way, the covering of walls is made by bar imitation horizontally.

The natural and non-polluting tree of which it is made euro linings, simulating a bar, creates in the house healthy and cosy conditions, unlike lining from PVC or various plastic panels.

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