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Plywood birch

quality system is certificated on system ISO 9001-2000 (ISO 9001:2000)

  • a format 15251525
  • a thickness from 3 to 22
  • a plywood grade: I/I (B/B); I/II (B/BB); II/II (BB); II/III (BB/Cp); III/III (Cp/Cp); II/IV (BB/C); III/IV (Cp/C); IV/IV (C/C)
  • a class of issue of plywood-E1
  • plywood depending on machining degree edge cut from two parties (2) and not edge cut
  • GOST 3916.1-96 amendments 1
  • strength at folding on a glutinous layer after maceration in water in a current 24 hours: Birch plywood not less than 1,5 (actually 1,5-1,8 )

The characteristic: plywood broadleaf, birch (100 %), mark (waterproof).

Sanitary - the epidemiological conclusion 2. .01.551. Item 001035.10.04 from 21.10.2004

The grade I (B) — almost free of defects, is supposed some healthy accrete knots in diameter to 8 and insignificant brown proveins


The grade II (BB) — is supposed repairing of a surface of sheet. Knots and open defects are closed up by inserts from an interline interval. Becomes covered by various finishing materials and paints

Grade III (Cp) - knots in diameter no more than 6 mm in number of 10 pieces on 1 2 sheet surfaces are supposed


Grade IV (C) — all industrial defects are supposed. Knots are supposed in unlimited quantities in diameter no more than 40 mm, is guaranteed strong patch. The Scope is used for manufacturing of the designs hidden from the external review, various container and packing: as a building material, raw materials in furniture manufacture, container manufacture.



Plywood birch

  • a format 30501525
  • a thickness 6, 8, 10, 12 mm
  • a plywood grade: II/II (BB); II/III (BB/Cp); III/III (Cp/Cp); II/IV (BB/C); III/IV (Cp/C); IV/IV (C/C)
  • a processing kind: Nsh - not edge cut
  • aclass of issue of plywood-E1
  • GOST 3916.1-96

Characteristic: plywood laminated, birch (100 %), mark (the raised water resistance).

The Sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion: 2. .01.551. Item 000074.01.04 from 30.01.2004

The Grade II (BB) the Surface from an integral piece of an interline interval of light and equal colour, practically does not contain knots. Small patches in places are supposed; open knots and defects in a grade II are cut out and before patch an interline interval are stuck with small oval patches of an interline interval the interline interval for which steals up on colour of an obverse interline interval. This grade is widely used by manufacture of furniture and for decorative furnish (becomes covered by various finishing materials, varnishes, paints).

The grade III (Cp) the Surface from integral or adnate an interline interval, on quality this grade is very close to a grade II, it is rejection from a grade II more often. In III grade are supposed thin kracks. Oval patches not necessarily steal up on colour of the basic piece of an interline interval. It is supposed more number of patches, than in II.

Grade IV (C) the Utilitarian grade with a surface from integral or adnate an interline interval, usually is not ground. Open defects and open cracks are supposed. It is recommended to use at manufacturing of containers, boxes — everywhere where stability of a design and durability is important, and appearance is of secondary importance.

Plywood sheets are made in following high-quality combinations: (I/II), (II/II), (II/III), (II/IV), (IV/IV) and also in other combinations which are made under special orders.

Plates a plywood PF

  • format 30501525 mm
  • a thickness 15, 18, 20, 25, 27 mm
  • a grade plywood: II/II (BB); II/III (BB/Cp); III/III (Cp/Cp); II/IV (BB/C); III/IV (Cp/C); IV/IV (C/C)
  • a processing kind: Nsh - not ground
  • a class of issue of plywood-E1
  • GOST 86-73-93

Characteristic: adjacent layers of an interline interval have mutually perpendicular direction of fibres of wood. Plates make not revetted and revetted with one and two parties.

The Sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion: 2. .01.551. Item 000075.01.04 from 30.01.04

Plywood packing

During the shipping plywood is packed into packages in weight of 600-720 kg separately on marks, grades, an issue class, kinds of processing of a surface and the sizes. In coordination with the customer plywood can be packed into packages of other weight according to (contract) treaty provisions.

On each package of plywood put the marks containing:

  • the country-manufacturer name
  • the name of manufacturer and (or) its trade mark
  • a plywood symbol
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