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Wood-fiber plates

  • a format 1700х2745х3,2 mm
  • mark Т-С
  • a grade 1
  • GOST of 4598-86

Plates of a wet way of manufacture.

Application: building, car building, container and furniture manufacture, and also joiner's products.


a format 3500х1500х16 mm

mark П-А

class of issue of formaldehyde Е1 (to 10 mg on 100 г absolutely dry flakeboard)

GOST 10632-89 )

Flakeboard – the plates of a general purpose made by a method of hot flat pressing of wood particles, mixed with binding.

On physical and mathematical indicators flakeboard subdivide into marks П-А and П-Б.

П-А lapped – single-layered flakeboard with lapped from two parties a surface. П-Б lapped– a plate with lower, in comparison with mark П-А, physicomechanical properties. Is issued flakeboard marks П-А of 1 and 2 grades with middlestructural by a shaving, lapped from two parties.

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