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Charcoal briquettes


Charcoal  briquettes burn without a smoke and soot flame, after combustion leave insignificant quantity of ashes, and their raised durability excludes formation of a coal dust.

They actively burn down without additional mechanical intervention before full burning. Briquettes rise do not allocate harmful flying substances and a smell, decreasing in sizes and allocating major quantity of heat, becoming covered by white heat.

Short technical characteristics

The Form of  charcoal briquette Cylindrical
Caloric (kdzh/kg) 30000-35000
Ash content, % To 4,5
Sulphur content, % To 0,45
Humidity, % To 20,0
Mechanical strength onattrition, not less, than % 83
Mechanical durability on disposal, not less, than % 85
Water-reducing, % 4

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