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Open Society «Amzinskiy woodworking factory»

Open Society «Amzinskiy woodworking factory» is one of unique city-building the enterprise not only in Bashkiria, but also in Russia, takes a worthy place among commodity producers, is the exporter of production, actively participates in exhibitions and competitions, is the winner and the student of competitions of "100 best goods of Russia», «the Best goods of Bashkortostan».

This enterprise with a full production cycle: lumbering, timber cutting, mechanical and timber-chemical processing of wood.

The industrial complex lets out a commodity output on two groups: wood and timber-chemical. Only on wood group is over forty kinds, since deciduous sawlog, euro linings, and finishing a waste woodworking.

Production of timber-chemical group totals more than twenty names: ethyl acetate, the charcoal, the bricketed coal, pitch wood, the activated coal, acid of food 70 %, 80 %, saw-timbers.

On a commodity market (abroad and internal) «Amzinskiy woodworking factory»there are 40 years, our clients it: the nonferrous metallurgy enterprises, pulp-and-paper, shoe, paint and varnish branches. The activated coal is used in medicine . On a commodity market of national consumption food vinegar and acid (70 %), let out by industrial complex uses demand. Pitch wood resin, is widely used in building, allows to lower concrete density, to raise frost resistance of concrete, to reduce duration of formation of products, . Pitch wood is used as putty for glass works.

All production which is let out by Open Society «Amzinsky woodworking factory», is certificated by the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic services of the Russian Federation.

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